SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO audit and implementation for ecommerce businesses, helping you boost search engine rank and improve conversion rates


What I can help with:


Easy to Digest Audit/Report

- Technical analysis
- Search engine traffic report
- Keyword ranking
- Conversion rates
- Product page keyword targeting
- Backlinks
- Landing pages


User-experience review

  • Content-driven commerce review
  • Categories and page structure
  • Link building
  • Social sharing
  • Conversion rates


SEO for long-term growth

- 6 months, 1 year, or 2 year SEO plan based on the findings in your audit
- Increase conversion rates
- Build rank
- Surpass the competition

Need help?

8 years digital marketing experience

Demelza brings a creative edge to digital marketing, while working with a number of agencies she has successfully led paid ad, email automation and UX strategies.

6 years e-commerce experience

Before going freelance Demelza worked as Head of Content and Digital for a popular hair and beauty brand, and led their Shopify Plus store design and e-commerce marketing strategy. Demelza is also the founder of the ecommerce print store, Wild Hour.

10 years content creation experience

After obtaining a first class honours in Photography, Demelza worked for various marketing agencies creating social media and website content through photography, video and graphic design.

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